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ZZ - BOSU Pro Plus powerSTAX Pack

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    stax 2up

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    stax 3up 1

  • ZZ - BOSU Pro Plus powerSTAX Pack

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  • ZZ - BOSU Pro Plus powerSTAX Pack

    Stax Single with DVD

AUD $350.00 (ex. GST)

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BOSU Pro plus a Water Fillable BOSU Base


Convert BOSU to a Step Tool

Training Versatility

Improve the versatility, intensity and usability of the BOSU® Pro, and add an adjustable resistance training tool to your workouts with BOSU® POWERSTAX™.  Each BOSU® POWERSTAX™ is designed to elevate the BOSU® Pro by 10cm, partially stabilize the BOSU® Pro in a platform side up or down position, and create unpredictable resistance challenges (or load) when filled with 2kg to 16kg of water.  POWERSTAX™ is ideal for all ages and skill levels.

Made in USA

Includes: 1 x BOSU Pro plus 1 x BOSU® POWERSTAX™ & Workout DVD.

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Product Video
[ Video 1 ]
"The Australian Institute of Sports' Strength and Conditioning Coaches find the BOSU Balance Trainer to be of great value in improving the Core Stability and Proprioceptive Awareness of its Olympic Athletes over a wide range of sports encompassing such activities as Swimming, Soccer, Volleyball and individual track and field events. The ability of many of our athletes to mimic the movements of their sport makes the BOSU Balance Trainer an indispensable piece of equipment here at the Australian Institute of Sport."
Julian Jones
Head Coach
AIS Strength and Conditioning Training of Olympic Athletes

"Innovative and challenging, The BOSU Balance Trainer takes proprioceptive training to a new level"
Craig Purdam
Head of Department Physiotherapy and Massage
Australian Institute of Sport

"The BOSU Balance Trainer is another great addition to any strength and conditioning coach's arsenal. The BOSU Balance Trainer brings both imagination and physical challenge to core stability and proprioception for any athlete's training program."
Fernando Montes
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
Cleveland Indians

"I implement the BOSU Balance Trainer in our off-season program for core strength training and rehabilitation of ankle and knee problems. It is a great piece of equipment and gives us an important extra dimension to our overall fitness program. Almost all of the players use the BOSU Balance Trainer in some fashion on a regular basis."
Bennie Wylie
Assistant Strength Coach
Dallas Cowboys

Length: 65 cm
Width: 65 cm
Height: 10 cm
Weight: 8 kg