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Recommended Products These products come highly recommended by AOK Health for the most efficient and effective results.

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AOK Sensa Balance Ma...
AUD $45.00 (ex. GST)
Automatic Blood Pres...
AUD $130.00 (ex. GST)
Bodyblade Pro...
AUD $285.00 (ex. GST)
Pro Fitter 3D Cross ...
AUD $1,100.00 (ex. GST)
Redcord #102050 Mini...
AUD $295.00 (ex. GST)
SRF Board - Rehab an...
AUD $720.00 (ex. GST)
Surge Active Resista...
AUD $220.00 (ex. GST)
Yoga Strap 240cm x 3...
AUD $13.00 (ex. GST)