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Be Breathed DVD

Be Breathed DVD

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AUD $44.00 (ex. GST)


Scott Sonnon

Enhance and Integrate Your Breathing

The Being Breathed Concept I developed 12 years ago based upon my work with the Russian martial arts as the first Westerner to train behind the Iron Curtain.

To Be Breathed rather than barely breathing forms the most basic and critical step in retraining your breathing patterns to healthy, high-performance. Breathing should be easy right? It is. We're born with practically all we need to know. We only need to mature.

However, fear, trauma and anxiety interrupt that maturation process, and we learn inefficient techniques. Some can help us survive a crisis, but shave minutes off the end of our life with each inefficient breath. Others are outright death-dealers, and kill too many people each year due to aneurysm.


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