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DL Clubbell Training for Circular Strength DVD

DL Clubbell Training for Circular Strength DVD

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Conventional weight training can only be moved in one or two dimensions. This limited range of motion attempts to isolate particular muscles. Isolation, however, is a myth long since debunked. The body is composed of an interconnected web: a double-bag system. The "inner bag" contains bone and cartilage, and where it 'cling wraps' the bone it's called "periosteum," and over the joints, it's called "joint capsule." The "outer bag" contains an electric jelly we refer to as "muscle" and covering it we call it "fascia" (and other names, but let's keep this simple.) Where that outer bag is tacked down to the inner bag, we call those "muscle attachments" or "insertion points." You see, our bones and joints 'float' in a sea of continuous tension, and our bones act as compressive struts pushing outwards while this web pulls inward in a unique balance which Dr. Steven Levin named Biotensegrity.

"Coach Sonnon, youve done a very good job of applying biotensegrity in a very practical way. My focus has been as a basic scientist as I did not want to limit biotensegrity to the narrow field of what I know as a clinician. I have always hoped that someone like you would take the ball and run with it, and with Circlar Strength Training System, youve done that. Thank you!" - Dr. Steven Levin, MD

Clubbell training is tri-planar: moving through the sagittal, coronal and frontal planes. By moving tri-planar, the Clubbell strengthens the fascial chains across the web in their full range of motion. This increases soft tissue elasticity rather than traumatizing it like one or two dimensional movements in conventional weight-lifting.

Soft tissue elasticity diminishes as we age and is primarily responsible for most injuries for athletes and the aging: which is why these apparently disparate groups are the Clubbell's largest advocates. Moving in three dimension washing the joint capsules with nutrition and lubrication, breaks up adhesions, smoothes off boney profiles (abating osteoarthritis), and distracts the bones (abating osteoporosis). Conventional weight-lifting equipment cannot do this. But the Clubbell, with its protective outer coating and smooth profile, was specifically designed for swinging around the body.

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