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DL CHEK Course - Dynamic Medicine Ball Training

DL CHEK Course - Dynamic Medicine Ball Training

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AUD $100.00 (ex. GST)

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Fitness Australia CEC's 15

Highly Recommended

Medicine Balls can be used for a wide range of purposes from rehabilitation to explosive training or endurance training. Due to the dynamic capabilities of Medicine Ball Training, there is a high functional carry over into athletic performance and every day life. Paul Chek's course teaches the science and application of medicine balls including:

  • Why Medicine Ball training works and how to select appropriate Medicine Ball size and weight.
  • Program design for optimal performance, including criteria for choosing repetitions, sets, intensity, rest periods and speed of movement.
  • Science of strength/ power development for torso, rotator cuff, upper and lower extremities using Medicine Balls.
  • Precautions for orthopedic conditions and rehabilitation exercises.

Medicine Ball Training provides excellent variety in movement patterns, speed of movement, functional eccentric loading and adds an excellent dimension to the programs of any personal trainer, athlete, athletic trainer and/or strength coach.This kit contains: 4 DVDs, manual and test. A certificate of completion is awarded once the test is passed.

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