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ZZ Kit Laughlin Overcome RSI - DVD

ZZ Kit Laughlin Overcome RSI - DVD

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Effective RSI Solutions

Kit Laughlin - Based at the Australian National University

RSI, or Repetitive Strain Injury (now called Occupational Overuse Syndrome), affects the muscles of the neck, shoulders, arms, forearms, and hands. This DVD takes you through all the exercises Kit and his colleagues have found to be effective in both treating and preventing this common problem.

This DVD will show you the most effective ways to gently and safely stretch these areas. We have found that increasing the range of movement of these parts of the body, and reducing the tension held in the muscles controlling the movement of these joints is very effective in treating the problem, and will complement any other treatment. Includes Stretches for: scalene, pec major, pec minor, biceps, wrist flexion & extension, finger & thumbs, wrist rotation, aileron, brachialis and more.

Running time: 40 mins.

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