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ZZ Redcord 18560 Trainer Neck & Shoulder

ZZ Redcord 18560 Trainer Neck & Shoulder

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All You Need For Neck & Shoulder Exercises

Ideal for Small Clinic or Home

It allows you to take full advantage of the included slings and accessories and perform specially designed exercises for your condition. The solution includes specially designed elastics for neck exercises. It provides a carefully designed solution for:

  • patients with need for neck and shoulder exercises
  • people who would like to perform exercises to prevent or strengthen the neck and shoulder region .

The heart of the apparatus is the Redcord Trainer which is specially designed to tolerate the load, tear and wear and stress it is exposed to through daily use. This is a safe, reliable and long lasting solution.

The Redcord Trainer Neck & Shoulder is specifically designed for you to be able to experience the variety of active Redcord exercises. Your body will never feel the same. The Redcord Trainer which allows you to easily adjust the height of the ropes and use a variety of extra slings and accessories in the future. Perfect for exercises for the whole body with any load at any level.

Ceiling suspension for ceiling height 240-250 cm.

These routines combine everything you need for comprehensive and effective training.

  • Closed Kinetic Chain (body-weight-bearing exercise)
  • Unsteadiness
  • Movements in multiple planes
  • Precise progressions


  • 1 Redcord Trainer Cassette including Ropes
  • 1 Redcord Straps, one set (12024)
  • 1 Redcord Ceiling Suspension Kit 2 x brackets & screws (14013)
  • 1 Redcord Trainer/Mini exercise manual (11120)
  • 1 Redcord Exercise Poster (18537)

Plus additionally:

  • 1 x Redcord Redcord PowerGrip, pair,
  • 2 x Redcord Narrow Sling
  • 1 x Redcord Split Sling
  • 2 x Redcord Ropes with Cleats - 60cm
  • 2 x Redcord Elastics with Cleats - 60cm Black Low Resistance
  • 2 x Redcord Balance or Duradisc

Provides training customised to your personal needs via:

  • Infinite variety of exercises
  • Unique load adjustment system
  • Can be used by everyone regardless of age or condition
  • Effective injury prevention training

Redcord is a complete exercise soloution and flexible training tool for functional performance and strength training utilizing unstable ropes as an exercise platform and use of your own body weight as resistance. Redcord combines unique equipment, specific exercises, and expert guidance to help you train all important muscle groups and improve performance, prevent injury. and rehabilitate existing injuries.

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Length: 70 cm
Width: 30 cm
Height: 36 cm
Weight: 8.25 kg