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Exercise & Sport

Exercise & Sport

Exercise develops and maintains physical fitness and overall health. It is often practiced to strengthen muscles and the cardiovascular system, and to hone athletic skills.

Frequent and regular physical exercise boosts the immune system, and helps prevent diseases of affluence such as heart disease, cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes and obesity. It also improves mental health and helps prevent depression.

Physical exercise is important for maintaining physical fitness and can contribute positively to maintaining healthy weight, building and maintaining healthy bone density, muscle strength, and joint mobility, promoting physiological well-being, reducing surgical risks, and strengthening the immune system.

Frequent and regular aerobic exercise has been shown to help prevent or treat serious and life-threatening chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, insomnia, and depression.

Strength training appears to have continuous energy-burning effects that persist for about 24 hours after the training, though they do not offer the same cardiovascular benefits as aerobic exercises do.

Exercise can also increase energy and raise one's threshold for pain.

Exercise & Sport Sub-Categories

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Agility & Speed

Agility is the ability to change the body's position, and require...
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Balance represents an ability to stabilize and maintain a desired...
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Barefoot Running
Barefoot running in relation to these products is more accurately call...
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Boxing & Martial Arts
A boxer's training regime includes shadowboxing in front of a mirror...
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CrossFit is not a specialized fitness program but a deliberate ...
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Fitness Training

Physical exercise is important for maintaining physical fitness a...
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In golf, a balanced stance is the perfect position from which to...
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Gym Equipment
Gym equipment needs to be functional and versatile. We carry a small...
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Joseph Pilates created "The Pilates Principles" to condition the ...
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Running is a complex and coordinated process that involves the en...
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Sport & Recreation

Sport can be recreational with an emphasis on fun, or have a perf...
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Strength Training

Strength training is the use of resistance to muscular contractio...
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Stretching & Flexibility

Stretching is a form of physical exercise in whi...
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View our range of products to improve your swimming technique and...
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Tai Chi

An Ancient Art with Modern Applications

Tai Chi classes contin...
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Mobility with a low carbon footprint

The Trikke carving vehi...
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Yoga is a healing system of theory and practice. It is a combina...
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Exercise & Sport Products

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COR Bench - Black...
AUD $1,180.00 (ex. GST)
AUD $900.00 (ex. GST)
Kit Laughlin Stretch...
AUD $36.40 (ex. GST)
AUD $30.00 (ex. GST)
Core-Strength Basics...
AUD $22.00 (ex. GST)
AUD $17.00 (ex. GST)
Aerobic Step...
AUD $80.00 (ex. GST)
AOK Training Bag 10k...
AUD $90.90 (ex. GST)
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AOK Training Bag 15k...
AUD $104.50 (ex. GST)
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Balance Beam Long - ...
AUD $70.00 (ex. GST)
*out of stock*
COR Bench - Silver...
AUD $1,180.00 (ex. GST)
Digital Body Fat Cal...
AUD $60.00 (ex. GST)
duraDome - Blue...
AUD $86.30 (ex. GST)
Fitness Walking - 2n...
AUD $30.00 (ex. GST)
*out of stock*
Gymstick Blue - Medi...
AUD $90.00 (ex. GST)
Gymstick Green - Lig...
AUD $90.00 (ex. GST)
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Pedometer Power - 2n...
AUD $40.00 (ex. GST)
Protech Ankle Brace ...
AUD $45.40 (ex. GST)
Redcord 12120 Mini E...
AUD $295.00 (ex. GST)
Resista Cord 3ft (Me...
AUD $26.30 (ex. GST)
Resistance Chair...
AUD $320.00 (ex. GST)