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Inversion Tables

Inversion Tables


Inversion therapy can provide innumerable benefits to your health. Inversion can (1)relieve back pain, (2) decompress the spine, (3) stretch muscles and ligaments, (4) relieve stress, (5) improve circulation and (6) help maintain overall good health.


However, inversion is not for everyone. If you have any serious health conditions, please do not invert without your physician's approval (this list is downloadable from each product page but is not an exhaustive list - it is intended only for your reference.)

What is Inversion

Inversion therapy involves hanging upside down or at an inverted angle with the intention of therapeutic benefits. When the body's weight is suspended from the lower body it uses gravity to decompress the joints of the body below the anchor. Hanging by the feet causes each joint in the body to be loaded in an equal and opposite manner to standing in an identical position of joint alignment. Inversion therapy is particularly beneficial for the spine in that it relieves pressure on the discs and nerve roots; this in turn allows discs to recover lost moisture and to return to their original shape, decreasing the pressure they can exert on nerves.


Due to increased spacing in the joint which can occur in response to traction, the muscles crossing that joint are pre-stretched, and as such, experience a greater lengthening compared to the equivalent joint angle while under no traction (lying down) or while being compressed (standing).