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Barefoot Running

Barefoot Running Barefoot running in relation to these products is more accurately called minimalist because rather than running with bare feet you are running in thin-soled, flexible shoes such as Vivo or Five Fingers. Minimalist running is biomechanically related to barefoot running, but alters sensory feedback from the plantar mechanoreceptors.

The human mechanics of running change quite significantly in padded shoes. When barefoot (and also when wearing minimalist footwear) a runner tends to land their feet upon the lateral part of the forefoot, rolling in, allowing the heel to drop, then push off with the forefoot and/or lift with the leg. Running in padded shoes typically alters this pattern, making one more prone to land on one's heel first and roll onto the forefoot. Barefoot running is healthier for feet and reduces risk of chronic injuries, notably repetitive stress injuries due to the impact of heel striking in padded running shoes.

Using thin shoes with minimal padding, result in similar gait to going barefoot, but protect the skin and keep dirt and water off. The also mimic the barefoot running experience, maintaining optimum flexibility and natural walking while also providing a minimum amount of protection.

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