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Chart - Personalising a Computer Workstation

Chart - Personalising a Computer Workstation

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This topic is designed for employees to become more aware of good posture/ body positions and how to avoid postures and movements that may aggravate their body and compromise wellbeing while working at a computer.
Topics covered:
  • A simple step-by-step guide to the principles of setting up a computer workstation to suit each individual user. The user can adapt the principles to their own individual computer workstation.
  • An overhead diagram is included to demonstrate an ideal desktop layout of computer workstation items.
  • Tips on staying comfortably at a workstation (such as take micro breaks, avoid glare, etc.) are covered.
Best for:
  • People that work at a computer workstation, whether at home, school, or at work.
  • Chronic sufferers of neck, shoulder, arm and muscular/ joint pain.
  • Office workers, secretaries, typists, clerks, etc.

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