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Maxball 55cm - Black

  • Maxball 55cm - Black

    maxball black snapshot

  • Maxball 55cm - Black

    maxball black snapshot beach scene

  • Maxball 55cm - Black

    maxball black snapshot beach scene2

  • Maxball 55cm - Black

    maxball black snapshot beach scene3

  • Maxball 55cm - Black

    maxball black snapshot situp

AUD $130.00 (ex. GST)

disclaimer Pricing Disclaimer
TOO LARGE for Australia Post, or PO Boxes/Parcel lockers/Private Boxes TOO BIG for AusPost, or POBox/Parcel Locker/Private Box

Made In Australia

Latex (Rubber), BPA & Phthalate Free

AOK balls are the best in the world - each ball is test inflated for your safety

Weight tested at the University of Newcastle the Maxball is a phenomenal performer. It has a textured grip surface to reduce the chance of the ball slipping when in use.

  • Ideal for commercial operations
  • High Resistance To Deformation
  • Static Load: 5000kg
  • Dynamic Load: 750kg

The MaxBall has been tested to ensure product consistency - each ball is marked with a batch number to ensure consumer safety guidelines. These Swiss Balls have variously supported static loads well in excess of 5,000 kilograms and are burst-resistant. This does not mean puncture proof but helps protect you from explosive deflation.

For Safety Advice visit:
Maxball retains its shape under heavy loads, maximising the body's stabilisation process. It is ideal for seating, exercise, rehabilitation and can be used with duraDisc, airRoller and MedicineBalls to gain a more challenging workout. Also improve your posture, reduce back pain and brighten up your gym, office or classroom.