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duraDisc Eco - Blue

duraDisc Eco - Blue

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Contains No PVC

Environmentally Friendly TPR

TPR is stronger than PVC in this application and requires less energy and no chlorine to produce - yet it is functional. for most balance exercises and activities.

An Exciting and Versatile Rehabilitation & Training Tool, the duraDisc ECO is 35cm wide and provides active and reactive rehabilitation for your feet, ankles, knees, hips and core.

The "Eco" has a high side wall (approx 7cm) gives a greater range of motion than our conventional Duradisc. I

Use duraDisc Eco to improve proprioception, balance, range of motion and strength.

When used at home, duraDisc is excellent as part of an on-going conditioning program. duraDisc Eco is an exercise tool which offers a wide variety of possibilities for not just effectively strengthening the total lower extremity. It can also be utilised for shoulder and elbow rehabilitation & strengthening.

duraDisc Eco also makes an ideal choice for people who want to strengthen, tone and help prevent sports injuries associated with ankles, hips, knees and shoulders.

Whether you're a doctor, physiotherapist, athletic trainer, coach or home exerciser, duraDisc Eco has something to offer you.

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Bulk - duraDisc Eco - Blue - 5pk

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