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ZZ CHEK Book - Golf Biomechanics Manual 3rd Ed

ZZ CHEK Book - Golf Biomechanics Manual 3rd Ed

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New Edition - All-new images and layout.

Author: Paul Chek

In order for any golfer to improve his or her game, they need to improve upon and condition the most important tool used ... their body!

Paul Chek, internationally respected Corrective and High-performance Exercise Kinesiologist, explains not only the mechanics of the golf game, but also the importance of proper self conditioning to achieve peak performance. Written for fitness professionals or golf pros interested in exercise, the information presented in this book is an in-depth, detailed look at how different systems in the body affect the game of golf.

This is not a quick and easy solution to improving anyones game. It will require an investment of time and energy on the part of both the trainer and the golfer. Let's face it, if conditioning for any sport was quick and easy, we would all be elite athletes! But by using the Whole in One approach and following the Flexibility - Stability - Strength - Power formula, golfers will see a significant improvement in their game.  You will:

  • Understand why tight muscles affect the swing.
  • Learn how correct stretching before a game can improve performance and why some types of pre-game stretches can actually make the golfer play worse.
  • Know the difference between functional strengthening exercises for golf and bodybuilding-type exercises that are not beneficial for the game.
  • Understand why breaking the Flexibility - Stability - Strength - Power formula can break your body!

Clients using the Whole in One formula have often added over 30 meters/yards to their drive within three months! Why be on par with other golfers when The Golf Biomechanics Manual gives you the very tools to excel above the rest?


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