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CHEK Course - Scientific Back Training

CHEK Course - Scientific Back Training

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Essential Crossfit Resource

Protect Your Back With Correct Training Technique

The Competitive Advantage

Scientific Back Training is intended for serious Strength and Conditioning Specialists, Rehabilitation Specialists and Personal Trainers. Scientific Back Training reviews and analyses the biomechanical intricacies of stabilization exercises as a necessary prerequisite to general strengthening of torso musculature for both patient and athlete - an essential for maintaining balance in the musculoskeletal system and preventing repetitive stress disorders that lead to injury. The synergistic interaction of muscle groups in performing complex frontal, transverse and sagittal plane movements are clearly explained. Technique flaws, (harmful to spinal structures) that encourage postural degeneration are exposed, addressed and countermanded to re-establish optimal function.

  • Understanding the functional anatomy of the torso and extremities as they relate to improved spinal health
  • Learn proper exercise technique, exercise selection, order of application and exercise modifications for orthopedic concerns.
  • Learn useful assessment techniques for effective program developement.
  • Learn how to perform a range of motion assessment on the lower extremities and how joint restriction effects squat technique.
  • Become familiar with the defining characteristics of motor learning and how they affect exercise effectiveness.
  • Review and analyze the biomechanical intricacies of trunk stabilization and the importance of strong back stabilization.This kit contains: DVDs (7 hrs approx.), Manual, Test and Certificate
Weight: 2.03 kg
Volume: 0.008064 Cubic Metres

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