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ZZ ReboundOz Compilation 1 - DVD

ZZ ReboundOz Compilation 1 - DVD

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Includes the following

  • First Timers, is a mixture of instruction and a short workout. The workout is designed for people who have never been on the Urban Rebounder. The participant will still 'break a sweat'.
    Approximate running time: 28 minutes
  • Basic urban rebounding workout is a beginning level workout. The participant will become familiar with the Urban Rebounder and learn the 7 core moves. The core moves are then combined in an add-on workout sequence, followed by sports specific movies.
    Approximate running time: 39 minutes
  • Intermediate urban rebounding workout is a 45 minute workout that combines the basic core postures with intermediate hi-low moves and sports specific exercises.
    Approximate running time: 57 minutes
  • Advanced urban rebounding is an intense cardiovascular workout that combines all postures from the first timers, basic and intermediate. The workout also includes many directional changes and new postures.
    Approximate running time: 39 minutes
  • 'Oldies but Goodies' Senior bounding is a fun and effective workout for seniors or individuals that are deconditioned. The workout uses the stabilising bar, giving people an added balance device.
    Approximate running time: 30 minutes
  • Abdominal bound is an intense abdominal workout done entirely on the Urban Rebounder. The soft surface of the Urban Rebounder makes Adbominal Bound a whole lotta fun! This workout is a challenge.
    Approximate running time: 23 minutes

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