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Swim Faster- Sprint Freestyle CD ROM

Swim Faster- Sprint Freestyle CD ROM

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Become A Champion Swimmer

Aleksandre Popov & Gennadi Touretski

At almost 2 metres tall and weighing in at just under 90kg, this Russian born swimming machine has been the talk of the swimming world for a number of years.

Now the secrets of his success are made available for all to see and hear.

This is the first video and CD about the great Aleksandre Popov, the world swimming sensation. Tsar of sprint freestyle, the man whose technique raises the question of limits. Evidence shows that man can only swim at one body length per second, is it possible that the new world records will only be set by swimmers that are taller then Alek?
These resources tell some of the story about a long and productive relationship between Aleksandre and Gennadi Toretski, clearly one of the world's elite coaches.

Aleksandre and Gennadi utilise a stroke classification system developed by the noted Estonian scientist. Professor Reign Haljan, which consists of four phrases that are divided according to the goals of movement requirements.
The resources explain details of these phases and present each in slow motion video for the novice and the expert alike.
Although Popov was last to leave the blocks in the 100 metre sprint final at Atlanta in 1996, he was in front of other competitors after only 15 metres. Not a bad starting technique! Find out about his innovative starting style and learn about the six principles of his effective sprint turns.

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