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zz Resistance Chair - Blue or Black Cord/Handles (Pair)

zz Resistance Chair - Blue or Black Cord/Handles (Pair)

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AUD $35.00 (ex. GST)

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Replacement Cord Hand Sets

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CHEST PRESS (chest and triceps) Sit upright with your back against the Posture Prop™. Make sure the Resistance Anchor Cable exercise cables are positioned under your arms for this exercise. Starting with your hands close to your shoulders (fig. A), press straight out with both arms simultaneously until your arms are straight in front of you and fully extended (fig. B). Slowly ease your hands back to the starting position, maintaining resistance on the return as well as the press. Repeat 8 to 15 times and remember to keep your wrists locked firmly throughout the movement.
Length: 10 cm
Width: 10 cm
Height: 5 cm
Weight: 1 kg