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Baseball & Softball

Baseball & Softball We have a wide variety of baseball / softball equipment. Baseball / softball Training books and videos, baseball / softball training products to help you on your baseball swing, your pitching speed, and your core power!

Areas you can work on are:

BALANCE & PROPRIOCEPTION: Being able to control your body through position/speed awareness means you will generate more power and speed. Keeping your body mass over your base of support is a great foundation for good movement.

CORE STRENGTH & STABILITY: A strong and intelligent trunk (or Core) means you can utilise the strength of your legs right through to your arms. mediBall exercises are a great way to train co-ordination and strength of the muscles of the Core.

AGILITY & QUICKNESS: It is important to develop multi-directional agility and acceleration. Explosive quickness is essential when running between bases.

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