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Skateboarding/Surfing Few people think of weight loss and better overall health as good motivation to have fun, but that is exactly what it can be.

Skateboarding is often overlooked as an activity for teenagers when in fact it can be a very good way to get in shape, drop some pounds, have a lot of fun and even develop a new hobby. In terms of cardiovascular conditioning, the pushing yourself around on a board, especially over flat terrain or, better still, up a hill, for a half hour, takes a great effort and will build up your stamina.

Many cite portability, exercise, and environmental friendliness as some of the benefits of skateboarding as an alternative to automobiles. It also aids in achieving balance and core strength.

Surfing is a great way to keep in shape whilest having fun. However a lot of your time in the water is spent paddling around and waiting for waves, therefore your shoulders are conditioned but your legs may lack power.

Plyometrics, Stretching and Flexibility are crucial areas of fitness for surfing that often get overlooked.

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