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Fine Structure - Commonly Weak

Disorders of the neck are a common source of pain. The neck has a great deal of functionality but is also subject to a lot of stress. Common sources of neck pain include:

  • Whiplash, strained muscle or other soft tissue injury
  • Osteoarthritis
  • herniated disc
  • spinal stenosis

We have a range of products that prevent neck injury by building strength, as well as products that can be used to treat treat injury and pain.

Neck Products

Ice Bag Pink...
AUD $18.00 (ex. GST)
AUD $15.00 (ex. GST)
Back Roller - Red...
AUD $18.00 (ex. GST)
Hot and Cold Pack fo...
AUD $10.00 (ex. GST)
Muscle Mate...
AUD $33.00 (ex. GST)