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Strength & Balance Soles

Strength & Balance Soles

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Designed and Manufactured in Australia

These fit any shoe or slipper and WILL IMPROVE your balance.

Strength & Balance Soles can aid low back pain, sports performance, poor posture and balance through strengthening core muscles (Transversus abdominus and Multifidus). Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Tai-Chi and Pilates experts use specific, intensive exercises to retrain and strengthen these muscles to increase stability of the spine. Simply insert Strength Soles into your shoes and the bodies own proprioceptive (sensory) system will better activate and strengthen these core muscles whilst participating in everyday activities such as reaching, bending, lifting and sporting activities.

"The Strength & Balance Soles have made my walking straighter and less painful. I feel more stable" - Diane, 74yo, Retired Office Manager

Even if we have strengthened our Core Muscles, activation of them at the right time to prevent back problems or increase strength is a major challenge for many people. Research has shown that walking on artificial flat surfaces leads to poor activation of the core muscles. Strength Soles help alleviate this problem by better activating the core muscles.

People most likely to benefit from STRENGTH & BALANCE SOLES include:

  • People who work on their feet and complete heavy or repetitive tasks e.g. nurses, factory workers, waiters etc.
  • The elderly with balance problems (must have good foot sensation)
  • People with weakened trunk muscles who have been advised to strengthen this group of muscles by their doctor or allied health practitioner
  • Sportspeople who need to increase swing strength e.g. Tennis, Golf, Basketball, Boxing, Rowing etc.

"Since undergoing back surgery, my back has felt weak and at risk of injury. Since wearing the Strength Soles my back feels strong again and I can carry things with less fear of hurting my back" - Brett, 33yo, Factory Manager "This product has improved my balance, recovery during shots in Tennis and aided physical recovery next day" - Darren, 38yo, Professional Tennis Coach

If worn regularly the STRENGTH & BALANCE SOLES can:

  • Better activate and increase strength of the core muscles (Transversus abdominus, Multifidus and the Obliques)
  • Increase stability of the spinal structures
  • Increase sports strength
  • Improve posture
  • Improve stability when carrying loads
  • Improve balance
  • Reduce likelihood of back injury as protective muscle responses are heightened

Strength Soles, developed with the principles of Tai Chi and Pilates in mind, are a simple, unique and inexpensive way for people on their feet to automatically switch on the important spine stabilising (core) muscles, protecting the back, providing a strong core and the associated benefits listed above.

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Length: 35 cm
Width: 13 cm
Height: 2 cm
Weight: 0.15 kg