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Effective and Practitical Education Based on Reserch

AOK Health is the major sponsor of the Australian Graduate School of Health & Sport Science.
AGSHSS offer a certified program to health and fitness practitioners in Integrated Corrective Exercise.

The program currently operates throughout Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore however, due to an increased awareness of the importance of this training the program is fast expanding.

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AGSHSS Sub-Categories

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ICE Level 1 - Structural Analysis & Corrective Strategies

The 2 day first stage of the Integrated Corrective Exercise program will provide practical skills and related scientific knowledge required to effectively assess your client's functional capacity to exercise. You will gain practical experience in how to identify common dysfunctions and "red flags" to help integrate client care with other practitioners such as physiotherapists. You will also experience the introduction and monitoring of corrective exercise on a both stable and unstable surfaces. In addition you will gain experience in instructing a range of Swiss ball exercises. It is our aim to give participants a strong foundation on which to build their understanding, practice and instruction of corrective exercises by providing a large practical component and a variety of models and techniques to conduct assessments.

  • Pre-requisite - A certificate in a health or fitness modality
  • CEC's - 15
  • CEU's - 70

Venue address will be confirmed upon enrolment

ICE Level 2 - Corrective Exercise Certification

The second stage of the Integrated Corrective Exercise program, Corrective Exercise Certification, will provide the tools to conduct dynamic and static assessments as well as upper and lower limb kenetic chains. The purpose of this stage is to develop the participants' skills in conducting postural and musculoskeletal assessments and implementing appropriate corrective strategies. We also aim to expand participants' repertoire of corrective and functional exercises with and without swiss balls.The mediBall Certification is a pre-requisite for this course.

  • Pre-requisite - mediBall Certification
  • CEC's - 15
  • CEU's - 75

Venue address will be confirmed upon enrolment

ICE Level 3 - Integrated Stability Training

The 2 day final stage of the Integrated Corrective Exercise program is the capstone of the ICE program and will provide a variety of balance tools and systems for participants to tailor functional programs for individual clients. The final stage will integrate the theory and skills developed throughout the program to apply in a practical manner.

  • Pre-requisites - mediBall Certification & Corrective Exercise Certification
  • CEC's - 7

Venue address will be confirmed upon enrolment

Myofascial Moves

This 2 day workshop explores upright motion (walking), breathing, eccentric anatomical loading and myofascial movement patterns to streamline a holistic approach to back pain strategies in both clinic and studio environments.

The workshop gives manual therapists and movement professionals a subtle insight into understanding the anatomical needs of the back pain client and addressing those needs in a safe and simple way. The workshop covers client assessment, application of the myofascialmoves assessment sequence and movement selection for optimal back health.

Myofascialmoves has a strong practical component complimented by science based principles and strategies that you can implement immediately into the clinic or studio environment.

The workshop uses Thomas Myers Anatomy Trains anatomical model as a guideline to understand longitudinal anatomy and its implications in myofascial back pain and dysfunction.

Compliment your myofascial treatments and exercise programs with holistic movement strategies.

What you will learn:

  • Ten holistic movements that eccentrically load longitudinal myofascial lines of anatomy
  • How to assess each myofascial line relevant to back pain and dysfunction
  • The relationship between eccentric loading ability and back pain pathology
  • Identify aberrant breathing patterns that contribute to myofascial back pain and dysfunction
  • Apply breathing techniques to facilitate optimal back health
  • Understanding upright motion and its relevance to myofascial back pain and dysfunction
  • How to apply upright motion modifications to facilitate optimal back health
  • Sixteen principles of myofascialmoves application
  • The strategic value of each myofascialmove principle relative to back pain
  • The anatomical components of each myofascial longitudinal line
  • How to integrate and isolate longitudinal anatomy to facilitate optimal back health
  • An insight into the therapeutic applications of the longitudinal anatomy paradigm.

Explore myofascia on the move!

Myofascial Therapy Certification - Level 1

This 1 day workshop explores the relationship between myofascial dysfunction and pain. Learn hands-on techniques to enhance the muscle and fascial health including Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Stretching & Compression Massage. Obtain practical skills which can be applied immediately & easily. Understanding the characteristics of myofascial dysfunction is a necessity to all health & fitness professionals. The health of the muscle and fascial system (myofascial) has a wide range of implications relevant to the healthy and pain free function of the human body.

Venue address will be confirmed upon enrolment

Pregnancy & Exercise

Pregnancy creates a range of physical changes which can alter the quality of musculoskeletal function, both short and long term post natal. This workshop incorporates pre and post natal exercise to maximise spinal health using both floor work and mediBall exercise applications.

You will learn how to limit the risk of exercising pre and post natal clients through the latest scientific research and demonstrations of practical and enjoyable exercises.

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