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Eco Disc & Balance Plate Set

Eco Disc & Balance Plate Set

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AUD $60.00 (ex. GST)

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Pefect Balance Training

One Disc + One Plate

All Ages - Reduce Fall Risk

Essential for Court Sports - Netball, Basketball, Tennis

Disc Made with Environmentally Friendly TPR

TPR is stronger than PVC in this application and requires less energy and no chlorine to produce - yet it is functional. for most balance exercises and activities.

An Exciting and Versatile Rehabilitation & Training Tool, the duraDisc ECO is 35cm wide and provides active and reactive rehabilitation for your feet, ankles, knees, hips and core.

The "Eco" has a high side wall (approx 7cm) gives a greater range of motion than our conventional Duradisc. Use duraDisc Eco to improve proprioception, balance, range of motion and strength.

When used at home, duraDisc is excellent as part of an on-going conditioning program. duraDisc Eco is an exercise tool which offers a wide variety of possibilities for not just effectively strengthening the total lower extremity. It can also be utilised for shoulder and elbow rehabilitation & strengthening.

duraDisc Eco also makes an ideal choice for people who want to strengthen, tone and help prevent sports injuries associated with ankles, hips, knees and shoulders.

Whether you're a doctor, physiotherapist, athletic trainer, coach or home exerciser, duraDisc Eco has something to offer you.

Non Slip MDF 12mm Board

Textured Vinyl Surface

Combine this Balance Plate with duraDiscs and Duradomes and you create a formidable balance training tool for Ankle, Knee and Hip Rehabilitation or Advanced Stability Training.

When used with a duradisc (see image) you create a platform that moves slower than a conventional wobble boards - thus is safer and allows you retain static tension within the ankle structure - improving feedback and stimulating stabilising mechanisms.

Made from a 40cm diameter 12mm MDF board with vertical cut edges, then coated with clear poly finish and a PVC textured top surface for improved grip and proprioception.

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Length: 42 cm
Width: 42 cm
Height: 20 cm
Weight: 3 kg