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Hurdle Micro 30cm (12in) - 4 Pack

Hurdle Micro 30cm (12in) - 4 Pack

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Mini or Agility Hurdles

Pack of 4 Units

Fantastic quickstep training tool and develops agility, anaerobic conditioning, knee-lift mechanics and general fitness. All hurdles are made of quality moulded PVC plastic, are lightweight and easily carried and stacked.

Micro Hurdles (also known as Mini or Agility Hurdles) are designed for athletes who need to keep their feet low to the ground for change of direction and quick lateral motion. They assist in teaching athletes proper movement form without any exaggerated motions. Micro-Hurdles are ideal for court-sports such as tennis, basketball, and volleyball, as well as the cutting motions of soccer and football.

Training with speed hurdles produces many benefits, as they are an excellent tool for increasing an athlete's foot speed and knee lift. The athlete's stride frequency is increased due to the forced increase in turnover by going over the hurdles, which teaches the athlete to step more efficiently and coordinate the placement of each step more effectively. Drills involving speed hurdles also serve as a good anaerobic conditioning exercise, as the drills involve short bursts of higher intensity.

Buy an 8 Pack and you also save on freight because of a smaller volume

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Weight: 3.75 kg
Volume: 0.051678 Cubic Metres

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