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Agility Rings (5 Piece set)

Agility Rings (5 Piece set)

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Essential Agility Training

Pack of 5 - OD 32cm

Multi Coloured

Sprint Training for all Fottball codes

Great for Rugby, Soccer, Leage, Hockey, Netball, Basketball and more

Agility Rings are flat, flexible and plastic rings, 32cm in diameter (OD) with edge 3.5cm wide.  Flexible rings are great for indoor and outdooor training - sports include soccer, football, league, union, hockey and most other sports requiring fast directional change. They are a fantastic part of training exercises, as they are essential for abdominal strength, co-ordination and calf muscle development. They are durable, light weight training equipment, which come in multiple colours. Come in sets of 5.

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Length: 48 cm
Width: 48 cm
Height: 6 cm
Weight: 0.5 kg

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Bulk - Agility Rings (6 x 5 piece sets)

AUD $96.00 (ex. GST)  | (AUD $16.00 (ex. GST) per item)

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