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Yoga Strap 240cm x 3.8cm

  • Yoga Strap 240cm x 3.8cm

    Strap Buckle

  • Yoga Strap 240cm x 3.8cm

    Strap Simple

  • Yoga Strap 240cm x 3.8cm

    Strap Standing Lift

  • Yoga Strap 240cm x 3.8cm

    Strap Uses

  • Yoga Strap 240cm x 3.8cm

    Strap Buckle

AUD $13.00 (ex. GST)


Made of a strong cotton blend with a buckle.

These straps are thicker and stronger than our standard straps.

LENGTH 240cm  WIDTH 3.8cm   COLOUR Blue

These are ideal for assisting stretching and flexibility routines and for postural corrections.

Straps are great for preventing unwanted movement during postures and stretching.

When folded over, straps can be used to keep two parts of the body separate, such as when we employ a strap behind the knees in Half Butterfly (useful for students who suffer knee pain when the knee is fully flexed), or between the hip and thigh in Dragon Poses (for students who feel a painful or uncomfortable pinching there.)

A final common use of a strap is to create greater reach. For example, when we want to clasp our hands behind our back, but can't quite reach, a strap bridges the gap. Straps are used often in Hatha Yoga classes to help students reach the feet in straight-legged seated poses, or supine backbends where the intention is to reach back for the feet (think Bow Pose.) Straps looped around the feet make the feet accessible.

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Length: 15 cm
Width: 5 cm
Height: 5 cm
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