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Used by Swim Australia & Parramatta Eels

Physiotherapists, exercise physiologists and personal trainers alike agree that core stabilization is the vital ingredient for a healthy, well-balanced body. The revolutionary Bodyblade design enables you to automatically workout your core and essential muscles in a matter of minutes per day. It is the most convenient, fun and effective core workout tool available today.

Bodyblade quickly improves spinal-stability, proprioceptive awareness, muscle endurance and cardiovascular fitness.

It's easy for eveyone to use, from world class athletes to rehabilitation patients. With a fixed rate of 270 contractions per minute, Bodyblade will help you enhance your power, coordination and overall performance.

Bodyblade is great for aerobic conditioning or for developing speed, strength and joint mobility. For shoulder reliant sports such as golf, tennis and swimming the Bodyblade is an essential part of your training routine.

Bodyblade Products

Bodyblade - Classic ...
AUD $200.00 (ex. GST)
Bodyblade - CXT...
AUD $155.00 (ex. GST)
Bodyblade - Pro...
AUD $300.00 (ex. GST)