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Senior Wellness

Senior Wellness This area provides a range of products that are dedicated to improving the Health and Wellbeing of the aging community.

Falls are the leading cause of injury related death and hospitalisation of persons aged 65 years and over, and Falls Injury Prevention has been identified as a priority area by governments world wide.

The products in this section are designed to assist in improving balance and strength for everyday activities. This will allow the user to be more knowledgeable about their bodies and more skilled in performing daily functional tasks, from washing to lawn mowing, or from lawn bowls to golf.

If you have poor balance or more serious health issues, you should only start using these products under the supervision of a health or fitness practitioner.

Senior Wellness Sub-Categories

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Used by Swim Australia & Parra...
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Our Hand Weights have a thick covering of soft vinyl over solid cast i...
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duraDisc Balance Cushion

Now BPA & Phthalate Free

Made in Australia fro...
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Elastic Bands & Tubing

The FORCE produced by elast...
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Remember going barefoot as a child? Its the way you first discov...
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This amazing total body fitness tool is being used by people fro...
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Injinji Toed Socks

The key design principal in the development of the Injinji Tetra...
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Q-Link Pendants with SRT

Sympathetic Resonance Technology (SRT)

SRT powers the Q...
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Resistance Chair
The Resistance Chair was designed with one goal in mind - to make th...
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Stress Ball

Tested BPA & Phthalate Free

Made in Australia

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Wobble Boards

AOK carries a wide range of wobble Boards which will enhance you...
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Senior Wellness Products

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Oov - Contoured Body...
AUD $145.00 (ex. GST)
AUD $110.00 (ex. GST)
Fall Proof - Book...
AUD $77.23 (ex. GST)
AUD $75.00 (ex. GST)
Kit Laughlin Overcom...
AUD $82.00 (ex. GST)
AUD $60.00 (ex. GST)
EmbraceAir Solitude ...
AUD $90.00 (ex. GST)
AUD $50.00 (ex. GST)
Weighted Vest Grey 5...
AUD $63.60 (ex. GST)
AUD $50.00 (ex. GST)
Embrace Comfort Car ...
AUD $90.00 (ex. GST)
AUD $45.00 (ex. GST)
Stretch Like A Pro (...
AUD $44.00 (ex. GST)
AUD $39.00 (ex. GST)
Kit Laughlin Stretch...
AUD $36.40 (ex. GST)
AUD $30.00 (ex. GST)
AOK Yoga Mat Thick -...
AUD $30.00 (ex. GST)
AUD $25.00 (ex. GST)
Kit Laughlin Overcom...
AUD $33.00 (ex. GST)
AUD $25.00 (ex. GST)
*out of stock*
Kit Laughlin Stretch...
AUD $31.80 (ex. GST)
AUD $25.00 (ex. GST)
*out of stock*
Posture Plus - Mobil...
AUD $36.36 (ex. GST)
AUD $25.00 (ex. GST)
Power Web (Light) - ...
AUD $30.00 (ex. GST)
AUD $22.00 (ex. GST)
Core-Strength Basics...
AUD $22.00 (ex. GST)
AUD $17.00 (ex. GST)
ReboundOz Compilatio...
AUD $30.00 (ex. GST)
AUD $15.00 (ex. GST)
Vitality Skipping Ro...
AUD $18.10 (ex. GST)
AUD $15.00 (ex. GST)
Aerobic Step...
AUD $80.00 (ex. GST)
Automatic Blood Pres...
AUD $150.00 (ex. GST)
Balance Beam Long - ...
AUD $70.00 (ex. GST)
*out of stock*
Bodyblade Pro...
AUD $250.00 (ex. GST)
Donovan Shoulder Pul...
AUD $27.23 (ex. GST)
*out of stock*
Dura Stool (With Dur...
AUD $200.00 (ex. GST)
*out of stock*
duraDisc - Green...
AUD $81.80 (ex. GST)
Exercise for Frail E...
AUD $57.00 (ex. GST)
Fitness Walking - 2n...
AUD $30.00 (ex. GST)
*out of stock*
Fitseniors by Jane S...
AUD $27.23 (ex. GST)
Gear Roller 30cm...
AUD $40.00 (ex. GST)
Gymstick Black - Str...
AUD $90.00 (ex. GST)
*out of stock*
Health Step...
AUD $31.77 (ex. GST)
Pilates Ring 35cm (1...
AUD $34.00 (ex. GST)
*out of stock*
Resistance Chair...
AUD $320.00 (ex. GST)