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DL High Powered Plyometrics - DVD

DL High Powered Plyometrics - DVD

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by Jim Radcliffe - 2005 - 32 mins

If you are a well-conditioned athlete who is looking to take your athletic power to the highest level, you dont need to look any further than the High-Powered Plyometrics DVD!

Developed and narrated by Jim Radcliffe, one of the top authorities in plyometric exercises, this DVD is loaded with progressively complex intermediate and advanced plyometric exercises that will help you improve your strength, power, and speed.

Create and customize your own sport-specific 12-week plyo program by choosing exercises from the three categories of the training continuum for a total body workout, or group the exercise to target the specific body segments you want to work on most: lower body, trunk, and upper body.

Youll start with foundation exercises such as squat jumps, double-leg speed hops, and medicine ball twists and passes. Next comes the power-building exercises including tuck and scissors jumps, floor kips, arm swings, and sit-up throws. Then youll move on to high-intensity drills like depth jumps, vertical swings, drop pushes, and heavy bag strokes.

Finally, a DVD that demonstrates exactly how to make plyometric exercises pay off with better sports performance!

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