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The Swiss Ball by Beate Carriere - Book

The Swiss Ball by Beate Carriere - Book

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AUD $90.00 (ex. GST) 
AUD $40.00 (ex. GST)

A Physiotherapy Resource

Rated as one of the best practitioner books on Swiss Use and exercise prescription.

Beate Carriere is a well respected physiotherapist. This book is excep­tional, presenting the physiology, the pathophysiology, and a technical description of recommended exercises and their clinical application - and not as general recommendations but with convincing examples. All three of the sections are written in clear, understandable language. The author discusses the use of the Swiss ball; however, she did not limit herself to a technical description. Instead she set out to discover the underlying physiological mechanisms and has succeeded in showing how a knowledgable physiotherapist can contribute to the development of physiotherapy as a science. Though based on the concept of S. Klein-Vogelbach, Beate Carriere has added so many of her own exercises, descriptions, and explanations that we are justified in speaking about the Carriere concept of using the Swiss ball. What I appreciate in particular is her critical view and attempt to see the patient and his problems from all possible aspects. Therefore, she does not consider the Swiss ball program the one and only means of treat­ ment but incorporates other approaches as well.

NOTE: Some cover marks from storage.

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